OPEN-HERITAGE.EU is the Social Platform created in the framework of REACH, the Social Platform on Participatory Approaches in Culture and Social Innovation.

REACH is a three-year project started the 1st November 2017 and funded by the Europena Union under the Horizon 2020 Programme. Focused on the promotion of participatory approaches in Cultural Heritage (CH), it aims to establish a sustainable space for meeting, discussion and collaboration for all those with a stake in research and practice in the field of CH. This space is supported online by the digital platform.

In order to offer concrete participatory experiences REACH project implements four Thematic Pilots:

  • Institutional heritage pilot: comparing participatory approaches in the case of big CH institution with international audiences and small institutions targeting local users
  • Minority heritage pilot: focusing in particular on marginalised minorities
  • Small towns heritage pilot: analysing the representations and (re-)valorisation of local heritage in the small centres
  • Rural heritage pilot: promoting participation in cultural and environmental protected areas as a way to solve conflicts between safeguarding, preservation, reuse, and economical activities
A distilled collection of results and achievements of the four pilots of REACH are accessible as data, policy recommendations and research documents in
A number of Associate Partners participate in the REACH Social Platform and their inputs are also gathered and made available on

REACH project’s partners