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REACH D7.2. – REACH Sustainability plan

This deliverable describes two areas of sustainability of the REACH project’s work. The first is how direct activities of the project will be maintained and results maximised after…

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REACH D6.4- Resilience and social innovation in cultural heritage: a collection of best practices

The deliverable reflects on the intertwined concepts of resilience and social innovation, as they are debated in academic literature, and presents a focused collection of seven best practice cases illustrating projects and activities that have contributed to enhancing resilience or have experimented with socially innovative ideas in the cultural heritage field, in different European countries.

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REACH D3.1- Participatory Models

In many respects, this deliverable is one of the most significant within the REACH project, as it builds upon the assessment of prior projects and sets the scene for much of the remaining activity. Following this assessment, a wealth of information was discovered and evaluated, to consider how a participatory model or set of models for management, preservation and (re-)use of cultural heritage (CH) could be defined and recommendations made.

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REACH D3.2-Selection of Projects and Mapping of Clustered Research Findings

This is a deliverable of the REACH Project and covers an important area of work as it identifies aspects of prior projects, which will subsequently be used to build participatory models (which can then be tested within the project’s four pilots) and define the concept of resilience, both of which are important planks of the project’s work…

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REACH D6.2 – Good Practices of Social Participation in Cultural Heritage

This is a deliverable of REACH Project: the REACH repository of good practices related to social participation in cultural heritage is a fundamental component of the Social Platform established by the REACH project. This deliverable provides a critical reading of a selection of activities that have been collected in the REACH repository and has a threefold purpose…

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