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Nicola Alfarano

UNCHARTED D1.5 Analysis of the European historical and political experience in acknowledging and promoting the values of culture

The report considers the relationship between the centrality of neoliberal, or market-based, logics and the prioritisation of instrumental cultural values in the cultural fields of thirty European countries.

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UNCHARTED D1.2 Analysis of the influence of urbanisation and social and spatial segregation in cities in the configuration of the values of culture

The report takes into account the major paradigm changes in the recent urban development by focusing on the social processes of gentrification, touristification and segregation, and its consequences on urban heritage preservation.

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UNCHARTED D1.1 Analysis of the influence of gender and rising diversity in the configuration of the values of culture

This report has a double purpose. Firstly, it seeks to identify the factors that led the rising diversity and increasing gender equality in European societies in recent times. Secondly, it aims to analyze how these factors impact on the shaping of values of culture.

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REACH D7.2. – REACH Sustainability plan

This deliverable describes two areas of sustainability of the REACH project’s work. The first is how direct activities of the project will be maintained and results maximised after…

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