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The HeLLo project: applied Research of the Hygrothermal Behaviour of an Internally Insulated Historic Wall without Vapour Barrier: In Situ Measurements and Dynamic Simulations

The hygrothermal behaviour of an internally insulated historic wall is still hard to predict, mainly because the physical characteristics of the materials composing the historic wall are unknown. In this study, the hygrothermal assessment of an internally thermal insulated masonry wall of an historic palace located in Ferrara, in Italy, is shown.

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The HeLLo project: Design and Construction of a New Metering Hot Box for the In Situ Hygrothermal Measurement in Dynamic Conditions of Historic Masonries 

The main purpose of the HeLLo project is to contribute to data available on the literature on the real hygrothermal behavior of historic walls and the suitability of insulation technologies.

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The HeLLo project: from the Dynamic Simulations Assessment of the Hygrothermal Behavior of Internal Insulation Systems for Historic Buildings towards the HeLLo Project

In the context of functional and performance rehabilitation of existing heritage, internal envelope thermal insulation is often an inevitable option towards improvement of historic buildings’ energy efficiency. Nonetheless, besides leading to the loss of useful floor area, this option may also lead to changes on the original hygrothermal behavior of such walls.

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The HeLLo project: risk analysis and mitigation strategies

Built heritage represents a significant part of tangible Cultural Heritage (CH). One important way of preserving this CH for the future is to keep it into use, and more importantly in a sustainable use. The MSCA-IF project entitled HeLLo – Heritage energy Living Lab onsite is grounded in the field of energy refurbishment of heritage buildings.

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The HeLLo project: Development of a Compatible, Low Cost and High Accurate Conservation Remote Sensing Technology for the Hygrothermal Assessment of Historic Walls

This article aims to properly assess the hygrothermal properties of walls located in historic buildings, this study discloses the development of a remote sensing technology compatible with an in-situ measurement implemented in Palazzo Tassoni (Italy).

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