Title From the Dynamic Simulations Assessment of the Hygrothermal Behavior of Internal Insulation Systems for Historic Buildings towards the HeLLo Project
Creator M. Andreotti, M. Calzolari, P. Davoli, L. Dias Pereira, E. Lucchi, R. Malaguti
Contributor N/A
Subject The HeLLo project applied research communication output.
Description In the context of functional and performance rehabilitation of existing heritage, internal envelope thermal insulation is often an inevitable option towards improvement of historic buildings’ energy efficiency. Nonetheless, besides leading to the loss of useful floor area, this option may also lead to changes on the original hygrothermal behavior of such walls. Applied to a real case study, this paper presents the dynamic simulations assessment of a few thermal retrofitting materials, unveiling the significance of the proper choice of the materials in the software’s’ library (aiming at avoiding biased results) as well as reinforcing the importance of real in situ measurement for validation of such estimations, e.g. the HeLLo project.
Publisher OJS/PKP
Date June 2020
Type Research document
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Language English
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