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MEMOLA project is an historical and archaeological project that researched the process of landscape formation in Mediterranean mountainous areas with an interdisciplinary approach.

Over time the rural communities condizioned landscapes to ensure their livelihood throgh the extraction and use of resources.
Landscapes have been largely shaped by strategies of production and reproduction of societies over time.
These uses generated not only the shape of the landscapes, but also the culture that makes its management and maintenance possible.
Taking as a central axis the historical study of two essenzial natural resources to generate agro-systems, water and soil, MEMOLA investigated the logic that rules the process of historical landscapes formation in relation to these natural resources and introduced the concept of historical perspective as an important key to interpretation in landscape studies.


The MEMOLA Resouces provide various types of information, policy briefs, research reports concerning rural heritage study.

Four areas are explored in more detail that are:

  • Sierra Nevada and Vjosa Valley in Spain
  • Monti di Trapani and Colli Euganei in Italy