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Understanding the Societal Value of Culture

UNCHARTED D6.3 First Policy Brief

The present document is based on the results of the investigation carried out in WP1 (Understanding the societal value of culture) and the six deliverables produced in the framework of it….

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UNCHARTED D1.6 Synthesis of theory, literature and existent data about factors configuring the values of culture in Europe

This deliverable synthesises the previous exploration of the research literature and existing data on the factors and circumstances influencing the shaping of the values of culture in Europe.

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UNCHARTED D1.5 Analysis of the European historical and political experience in acknowledging and promoting the values of culture

The report questions the configurations in which European cultural policies attribute values to culture. It begins with a reflection on the meaning of value, then goes on to identify the numerous values identifiable in the history of cultural policies.

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UNCHARTED D1.4 Analysis of the influence of neo-liberalism in the configuration of the values of culture

The report considers the relationship between the centrality of neoliberal, or market-based, logics and the prioritisation of instrumental cultural values in the cultural fields of thirty European countries.

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