Creative Europe Networks

Title Creative Europe Networks – 28 pan-European organisations connecting and strengthening Europe’s cultural sectors
Creator European Commission
Subject Creative Europe Networks
Description This publication presents the 28 pan-European Networks supported by Creative Europe for the 2017-2021 period.
The Pan-European Networks offer a stable and long-term base for professionals to develop their international skills and strengthen their competitiveness.
They facilitate the internationalisation of artists’ careers and contribute to the transfer of skills, competences and know-how among peers.
They are crucial instruments to achieving the European Creative Programme objectives. They help to promote a smart, sustainable, inclusive growth and support the values of the European Union.
As representative bodies, Networks are consulted by the Commission and help to design the EU’s culture policy.
Publisher Publications Office of the European Union
Date April 2018
Type Booklet
Format PDF, 8 Mb
Language English
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