Title The Cultural Heritage Institution: Transformation and Change in a Digital Age.
Creator RICHES Project
Subject Institutional Change
Description This policy brief is concerned with CH institutions in a time of dynamic cultural, social and technological change. Specifically, it considers the multi-faceted impact of DT and the recalibration of the relationship between institutional CH practices and the individual. It advocates that innovation through research and new technologies are essential for bringing the CH of Europe closer to people, the importance of the CH sector to European growth and the recognition of DT as a driver of change in the CH institution. The research undertaken indicates that the development and implementation of emerging, innovative technologies can have many benefits for the CH institution and the CH visitor but it can also be disruptive, challenging and limiting. Based on RICHES research into best practice in CH and DT, key observations have been drawn and this policy brief outlines some of the benefits and constraints involved which can be used as guidelines for European policy-makers at strategic and practical levels.
Publisher RICHES Project
Date April 2016
Type Report
Format PDF, 1,04 Mb
Language English
Rights Management Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) Creative Commons