Title A comparative analysis of Community Archaeology based on two excavations in the south-east of the Iberian Peninsula: local community involvement and social context 
Creator Lara Delgado Anés, José María Martín Civantos, University of Granada
Subject Participatory approaches in Cultural Heritage
Description This article presents the different socialisation methods of the excavation of two archaeological sites: the “Pago de Jarafí” (Lanteira, Granada), and “Mojácar la Vieja” (Mojácar, Almería). The study analyses the methods and techniques to communicate and involve the local population during the entire archaeological excavation process and how these methods were adapted to each social reality. The research goes further to explore the link of the two local communities with their sites since the outset of the archaeological research and how they changed during the course of the excavation following application of a Community Archaeology.
Publisher CAPITALE CULTURALE Studies on the Value of Cultural Heritage
Date September 2019
Type Essay
Format PDF, 660 Kb
Language English/Italian
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