memola brief Agrobiodiversity

Title European Policy Brief. Agrobiodiversity As Mediterranean Agrarian Heritage.
Creator G. Bazan, L. Peña Chocarro
Subject Agronomy, Policies
Description This policy brief summarises the MEMOLA project findings regarding the role agrobiodiversity has in reactivating Mediterranean agricultural systems. Traditional varieties are the best ambassadors of the landscape in which they are cultivated. Preserving them by intergenerational knowledge transfer may be a way to reactivate traditional agroecosystems creative cycles and to improve social and cultural resiliency. The brief also presents policy development recommendations to establish mechanisms and criteria to define its values and for their protection.
Publisher MEMOLA Project
Date December 2017
Type Report
Format PDF, 2 Mb
Language English
Rights Management Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) Creative Commons