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Title Promoting access to culture via digital means: policies and strategies for audience development
Creator OMC (Open Method of Coordination) working group of Member States’ experts
Subject Promoting access to culture via digital means
Description This document is the final report of the working group of EU Member States’ experts on promoting access to culture via digital means under the open method of coordination.
It addresses the fact that institutions and arts organizations set up to carry out a public purpose, in many cases are lagging behind in exploiting the potential that new technologies (digitisation and internet tools ) offer.
The report offers some ideas for reflection as well as some recommendations for change:
it sees new technologies as being able to build stronger, more sustainable communities, and that culture and cultural engagement can play a major role in facilitating this.
It sees new technologies as offering great potential for inclusion of hitherto marginalised groups, as well as greater access to current and potential audiences.
It also acknowledges that different countries and institutions are at different points of development, particularly as regards the digital infrastructure.
Publisher Publications Office of the European Union
Date June 2017
Type Report
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Language English
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