Title D5.2 Place-making, promotion and commodification of CH resources
Creator Ernest Taylor, Moya Kneafsey (COVUNI)
Contributor Núria Campreciós, Marc Aguilar (i2CAT)
Kristina Koebe, Anke Wunderlich, Steffen Stuth (Rostock)
Lucie Duggan, Karol Jan Borowiecki (SDU)
Valentina Bachi, Pietro Masi, Mercè López, Tania Masi (Promoter)
Eline Kieft and Tim Hammerton (COVUNI)
Subject Place-making, promotion and commodification of CH resources
This study explores the role of place making and promotion in the commodification of cultural heritage resources and how digital technologies intertwine with these processes. This research examines whether locations have coherent strategies to appeal to consumers using cultural resources and attributes such as place promotion, product and quality. Analysis focuses on the contemporary influences and contribution of digital technologies in the exploitation of cultural heritage.
Publisher RICHES Project
Date March 2016
Type Report
Format PDF, 2.18 Mb
Language English
Rights Management Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) Creative Commons